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Put your trust in me

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D.O.B - 14/04/18

Meet Elsie she spends most of her time self-serving herself in the kitchen or snoozing under the covers. Elsie will always be out and about with me and the pack. She is very sociable and loves a good chase. She likes the water and loves exploring in the forest. She is a very cheeky and clever girl and can even stand on three legs on demand. Elsie can't wait to meet some pawsome new friends.



D.O.B 10/07/16
Meet Dennis he was a Greek stray before being rescued and brought to his forever home here in Glasgow. Dennis is a typical hound thats main instinct is to lay around snoozing or following his nose. Dennis's recall isn't all that great so he is placed on a long line in order to let him burn off some energy. Dennis sometimes mis-assesses situations so we are always watching his body language and ensuring that he has lots of space to walk around and ensure positive reinforcement measures are made.



D.O.B - 13/02/2009
Meet Bindi, she is one of the most sweetest dogs I have ever met and can't go a second without attention. Bindi loves going for long walks up the hills, however isn't  too happy with the baths as part of the after math. Bindi is another sociable butterfly and loves running around crazy.


D.O.B - 13/02/2009

Meet Broxi, she thinks she's more human than dog. Broxi is a very energetic older dog and gives a lot of the youngsters at marching mutts a run for their money! She loves getting attention and lots of cuddles!



D.O.B - 18/8/18

Meet Lucy, she is a loveable big furball. She loves her squeaky ball and to play chases with the other dogs. She is very sociable with dogs and humans alike and loves getting made a fuss of.  She is definitely a gentle giant.



D.O.B - 15/8/10

This is Lexi. She is another of our beautiful staffies here at Marching Mutts. Lexi is very sociable and loves playing with her kong. She loves attention and lots of cuddles. 



D.O.B - 2012

This is Elsa a spinone italiano. Elsa is such a happy dog when she gets her ball. She is a very laid back lady whilst out on her walk and always by my side. Elsa loves to go into the water for a swim. 




D.O.B- 01/05/2008
Meet Tallulah, she is an old lady, but is ageing gracefully. Her favourite toy is her squeaky tennis ball and she likes watching the television. Tallulah is a typical terrier.... yappy. Her personality is very loud, bossy and a grump. In order to keep Talullah happy we tend to walk her on her own however, we take her out on quieter walks when there aren't as many people or dogs around. This  keeps her calm and not feeling overwhelmed but most importantly it still keeps her socialised



D.O.B - 14/04/18
Meet Delillah this is Elsie's sister and they couldn't be more different. Lila is very mischievous and loves to smile at people. Lila is great off of the lead and loves playing with her squeaky ball. Delillah loves to play hard to get but she secretly loves a good cuddle.



D.O.B - 29/08/07
Having had stigma all of his life because of his breed and colour Bruno is one of our most laid back hounds. Bruno is very calm and this really rubs of on the rest of the dogs. Bruno loves carrying round his ball and will only carry his ball throughout his walk.



D.O.B - 12/02/18

Ella is one of our Clydebank clients. She is very timid but once you get to know her she is very loud and energetic. Ella loves being made a fuss of and is another social butterfly in the doggy world.



D.O.B - 22/9/16

This is the wonderful Willow. Willows favourite thing to do is play chases with our Elsie. She has a beautiful nature and loves her biscuits as a reward for her great behaviour. 



D.O.B - 4/4/18

Meet lovely Luna, she is an Australian doodle. She loves to play with Elsie and both of them run around to their hearts content. When out Luna loves to stand in the water and also finds the muddiest puddle to jump in. Luna is a fluffy bundle of fun.




D.O.B -  18/12/18

Meet handsome Theo.Theo is a social butterfly who loves playing chases with the other dogs. He also loves cuddles and lots of attention. He is one of our more hyper pups so any dog that will give him a chase he won't say no.


D.O.B - June 2019

Meet Esme she is a labrador cross spaniel. She is very mischievous and  loves rubbing herself all over the grass. Esme loves her cuddles and attention. She is a very smart cookie and at 8 weeks old can sit. We are very proud of Esme.



D.O.B - January 2019

Cody is a labrador and is full of mischief. He loves his walks with our other marching mutts and returns home ready for a nap. Cody is full of beans and loves to be chased or chase the other dogs. He loves getting treats for sitting nicely.



D.O.B - March 2019

Rory is a labrador and is full of mischief

Jess and Sweep.jpg


D.O.B - 2013

This is Pyper, she is one of our older recruits. Pyper is a cavapoo and she is just so sweet. She really loves playing with the small tennis balls. If she is not running after the ball she is by my side. Pyper likes riding shot-gun in the car. She is one of our smallest recruits but that doesn't stop her bossing the bigger ones around.



D.O.B - February 2019

Dash is his name and dashing is his game. Dash is a cocker spaniel and is full of beans. He loves playing with the tennis ball and drops it to throw it again. He is very smart and can give a good paw.



D.O.B - September 2018

Jock is...

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